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1) Week 3 Notes

  1. Projects from last year:
    • or here:
  2. Overall the class started earlier and did better on week 2's assignments.
  3. Assignments for this week (due 7/29/2018 at 11:59pm EST):
    1. Do Lab 07
    2. Then do Exercise 07
    3. Then do Lab 08
    4. Then do Exercise 08
    5. Then do Lab 09
  4. Office Hours for Week 3 (
    1. Tuesday (3:00pm - 4:30pm EST)
    2. Thursday (3:00pm - 5:00pm EST)
    3. Saturday (3:00pm - 5:00pm EST)

2) Week 2 Notes

  1. Pace yourself throughout the week. A number of you waited until Saturday or Sunday to start Week 1's material. That was not a good idea. Try to do a few hours every day. Then debugging will become less stressful and you can meditate more on your code as you write it.
  2. Assignments for this week (due 7/22/2018 at 11:59pm EST):
    1. Do Lab 04
    2. Then do Exercise 04
    3. Then do Lab 05
    4. Then do Exercise 05
    5. Then do Lab 06
    6. Then do Exercise 06
  3. Good job, all, posting on Piazza and helping one another.
  4. Office Hours for Week 2 (
    1. Tuesday (3:00pm - 4:30pm EST)
    2. Thursday (3:00pm - 5:00pm EST)
    3. Sunday (3:00pm - 5:00pm EST)

3) Week 1 Notes

Piazza should be good now!

  1. Welcome to MOSTEC EECS. All of your assignments for this course will be on this site. For week 1 there are four separate exercise pages (with individual exercises in them), as well as two labs to do. Generally, exercises can be done on your laptop or the Raspberry Pi kit, while the labs need to be done on the Raspberry Pi.
  2. We'll release work for the whole week every Monday (we're releasing part of Week 1's early on Sunday). You should try to do the work in order since that is how it is designed! For week 1 that means:
    1. The first assignment you should do is Exercise 00 which has some getting-ready-work and instructions.
    2. Then do Lab 01 which is a circuits-only start to working with the Raspberry Pi
    3. Then do Exercise 01
    4. Then do Lab 02 (out Monday morning)
    5. Then do Exercise 02
    6. Then do Lab 03 (out Monday morning)
    7. Then do Exercise 03
  3. All of Week 1's work will be due at 11:59pm EST! You can turn them in afterwards but they are counted as late.
  4. I'm always rewriting stuff based on feedback from previous years/courses, so there's probably typos in things. If anything is confusing, let me know.
  5. My email: Email me with any questions. I am like always on or near a computational device and believe a key part to making a MOSTEC course work is being accessible a lot of the day. So email me whenever with questions/concerns, etc.
  6. We are going to use Piazza for a class question/answer forum: The link for the class piazza is here. You need the following access token to sign up: nwdlp Steps are:
    1. Go to Piazza and sign up for classes
    2. Choose MIT when it prompts you
    3. Choose summer 2018
    4. Search for MOSTEC (something will pop up)
    5. When it prompts you to enter information, you will need that token.
  7. Office Hours Link is here: This is the WebEx thing, which most of you should be working with for MOSTEC as a whole. I will do office hours:

    • Saturday 3-5pm EST (7/14/2018)
    • We'll adjust for next week. I'm thinking Tuesday, Thursday, and then Saturday.
  8. We do a lot of programming in this class, but it is usually programming in the context of our hardware systems, so we won't explicitly focus on programming, but will work on developing skills in it as we go. If you've never programmed before, or if you'd like a good reference to lean on Think Python is a good fallback reference with lots of examples. We won't follow it in this class, but please feel free to use it as a reference when you hit a spot and you want to know how to do something in particular. I think it is a pretty decent text.