Exercise 1

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After each lab assignment, there will be a homework set that will serve as both a review of material covered in prior labs and a way to cover more material for upcoming labs.

The goal of all of these questions is education (not assessment!). They are worth some points toward your grade, directly, as a motivation to do them, but the real value is that they will help you learn the course content; your understanding will ultimately be reflected in your exam scores, which constitute the majority of your grade. So, copying answers from your friends or getting questions correct by guessing is a fruitless activity: it will rob you of the chance to engage with this material in the most educationally useful way.

1) Python Text Book

We do a lot of programming in this class, but it is usually programming in the context of our hardware systems, so we won't explicitly focus on programming, but will work on developing skills in it as we go. If you've never programmed before, or if you'd like a good reference to lean on Think Python is a good fallback reference with lots of examples. We won't follow it in this class, but please feel free to use it as a reference when you hit a spot and you want to know how to do something in particular. I think it is a pretty decent text.

2) Videos

Below are some Python Intro videos to maybe take a look at if you want.

3) Required Exercises

You've got to do these below:

4) Symbol Key

Symbols for exercises correspond to the following events. We'll also have a progress page hopefully posted by the end of week 1 for tracking your work.

  • : Not attempted / submitted
  • : Attempted but not complete
  • : Complete but late
  • : Complete and on time
  • : Complete and on time, using only one submission per question